How To Reactivate The Instagram Account?

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Unfortunately, if your Instagram account is deleted, there is no way to reactivate it. Because this is the provision of Instagram. But some way to prevent the account is deleted, or to retrieve a forgotten login information. Read on to find out more information about it.

Part 1: Instagram account on the deleted provisions

1 )  Deletion is permanent. According to the official Instagram, the deleted account will never be activated. Whether you choose to delete the account, or delete the account hacking, or Instagram decided to delete accounts, this rule is equally valid.

If you do not violate community norms or regulations, Instagram does not delete your users. Therefore, Instagram does not mean you delete the account of others, Instagram can not represent anybody else to remove your account.

When you delete the account, including all photos, videos, comments, praise and friendships will be immediately and permanently deleted.

If there is no reason to delete your Instagram account, and you do not delete your own user account on the page, it is likely that others to log in to your account, and then delete the user account page. Even in this case, Instagram can not and will not restore your account. You need to create an account, and then set more complex and secure password.

2) You can use the same e-mail address of the new account. If you delete Instagram account, you can create a new account with the same e-mail address, but you need to use a different user name.

Please note that you cannot use the new account before the user name, but you can use the same e-mail address, and can be bound to the same Facebook account.

Although you can use the same e-mail address of the new account, but you cannot find the original photos, video or other content.

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Part 2: Log on to deal with potential problems

1) log in from another device. If you do not delete your account, but are still unable to sign in on the current device, this does not mean that your account has been deleted. There may be some other small problems, so you cannot log in on the current device.

If you usually use the iPhone or other Apple device Instagram, it may be the reason Apple account is temporarily unable to land. You can try to use a computer to log on.

Other brands of smart phones may also cause login problems, especially when the phone software has just been upgraded. You can use a computer to log on to determine the cause of the problem.

2 ) Consider all possible login problems. If you find yourself unable to land on account of various devices, and he did not delete the account, and Instagram there is no reason to remove it, then this may be due to problems caused by the login-related. Therefore, to confirm their account is deleted before you can first try to resolve these possible login issues.

3 ) Reset your Facebook password. If you forget the password, or the password does not work, and Instagram and Facebook account to bind together, you can reset the password by Facebook.

In the login page, tap the “Forgot Password” button.

On the next page, tap the “Using Facebook Reset Password” option.

If you do not log in to your Facebook account, please login prompt page Facebook account.

Log on to Facebook in the future, you will enter the recently bound to the Facebook’s Instagram account page, you can create a new password on this page.

4 ) Use e-mail to reset your password. If the account is not bound Instagram and Facebook, Instagram you can request a password reset message sent.

In the login page, tap the “Forgot Password” button.

On the next page, tap “user name or e-mail” option.

Enter your user name or e-mail addresses associated with search Instagram account.

After selecting the correct account, tap “Send password reset message.”

Check your email. After receiving the message to reset your password, click on the link in the message.

Create a password for your Instagram account according to the instructions on the page.

5 ) If you do not receive mail, check your spam filter. If you do not reset message is received within one hour after the request, determine whether it is treated as spam stored in a different location.

If the message is not spam filter blocking, but cannot use Facebook to reset your password, you need to contact your email service provider to confirm that they can receive messages from “@” domain names. is the best place to buy cheap and active followers and likes for Instagram. If these methods do not solve the problem, you might have at the time of registration entered the wrong e-mail address. Unfortunately, if you cannot access the fill in the registration email, Instagram cannot give you access to the account associated with it.

6) If you reset the link does not work, you can try again. If the password reset link does not work, you can request a re-reset message. Reset link has a certain time limit, so you receive a link may time out.

Copy and paste the link in the process, you should also check whether accidentally entered extra spaces.

7 ) Search for the account. If you cannot find the Instagram user name entered, you can enter the email addresses to search.

You can also view or other binding microblogging social network to find the URL before sharing photos. Then find your username in the upper left corner of the photo page.

Please note that if you see the “account not found” message may indicate that your account has been deleted, especially if you satisfy themselves without the user’s name and correct.

8 ) Search account at e-mail address Forgot situation. If Instagram system does not recognize your e-mail address, the easiest way is to replace the search message again, because you may be used to sign up additional e-mail.

Please note that if you see the “account not found” message may indicate that your account has been deleted, especially if you own confident the case of e-mail address is correct.

Part 3: Preventive Measures

1 ) To avoid violation of the Community Guidelines. If your content does not violate our Community Guidelines website, Instagram will not delete your account. Guidelines include:

Publish all of your photos and videos. You can only publish the contents of your ownership in Instagram. You should not post photos or videos belonging to others.

Do not post adult content. Content you publish on Instagram must be suitable for users of all ages. So please do not post that contains nudity, sex, violence or other adult content. In addition, do not release those who preach self-harm, eating disorders such as contains, hurt their own content or suicidal tendencies.

respect others. Even if you do not agree with the views of other users, keep polite. If you can not reconcile their differences, you can also choose to block the user, in order to avoid a later date would disagree.

Do not send spam to others. Instagram strongly opposed to commercial advertising and self-promotion. If a user repeatedly commented, business services, discount codes and URL, it may violate the Community Guidelines.

2) To avoid violating the terms of service. When using the Instagram service, you need to comply with the provisions of the Terms of Service. If you violate these rules, your Instagram account may be deleted. These provisions include:

You must be over 13 years of age.

You can not post violence, nudity, partial nudity, discriminatory, illegal, abuse, hate, pornography or sexually explicit content.

You can not account sales, transfer, grant or transfer to others.

You can not recruit, collect or use another person Instagram login information.

You must assume full responsibility for the security account information.

You can not slander, stalking, bullying, abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate others.

You can not use Instagram to engage in illegal or unauthorized activities.

You must assume full responsibility for their behavior.

You can not access Instagram private development interface.

You can not send messages defined as spam, comments or praise.

You can not use a domain name or URL in the user name.

You can not distribute any worms, viruses, spyware, or other malicious code that has destructive.

You can not create a robot account or other unauthorized accounts.

You must not attempt to limit the use of other users or experience.

3 ) Regular backups of your information. If you’re worried about accidentally deleting the account, you can back up your photos to your computer, in order to prevent any loss of contents.

The easiest way is to use the backup trusted third-party tools. Two of the most well-known apps are Instaport and Instarchive.

If you choose to use Instaport backup, you need to log Instagram account, set export options, and download photos. The picture will be compressed file format downloaded onto a computer or other device.