Selection Of Call Center Headsets And Landline

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Choice for your headset, it is not difficult. You just need to try different brands of headphones eleven, will be able to make a decision. But many problems are occurred after the introduction: words such as sending and receiving voice gradually weakened, has not be enlarged; headset certain parts break and so on. If a call center agent or attendant are more likely to give you a catastrophic accident. So, you had better understand the brand headphone durability and warranty conditions, whether timely and comprehensive after-sales service, so as not to bring trouble to the traffic work.


On the call center product development, Hong occasion of the launch of the electronic KONTACT brand communications headsets, traffic box and amplifier products cover a variety of analog / digital communication line system, designed by overseas professional and technical personnel. In providing quality call quality at the same time at an attractive price for the market. Meet the functional design with the actual usage, innovation, more than 40 kinds of products are available now. In many call centers received.

Faced with the rapid development of the Asian call center and formed a huge market demand, Hong occasion of Electronic goal from the beginning identified as: provide high quality Contact Center phone headsets help users to achieve win-win situation. Within a few years, Hong occasion of electrons to the surface more applications from call centers to expand the product line, from the traditional call center to the Internet IP communication, from businesses to individuals, we have a whole range of products to meet the demand for more. South Korea and China by the two R & D center for the development and design characteristics of Asians, considering the majority of users in the design of performance needs while focusing on cost factors. Our factory through internationally accepted certification standards (ISO and CE) to ensure a perfect design into reliable products. As the user’s affirmation and recognition, market scope has covered the major markets in Asia: China, India, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and so on.

Other electro-acoustic products, including mini-USB external sound card and speakers, mini speakers mainly supply of foreign IT market. Access to customers in the cost endorsement, USB external sound card to support production of PC manufacturers, mainly used to upgrade notebook products and VoIP computer headsets.

Kang occasion of electrons in the field of electro-acoustic accumulated years of operating experience, to provide customers with a good pre-sales guidance than we can guarantee every product to provide the best service. Honest and trustworthy, for the sake of customers, to provide customers with alternative, cost-effective and better quality products is our corporate purposes. We are committed to providing customers with quality business and after-sales service, in pursuit of forever business philosophy to support business development and customers, so that they can finally get a win-win.