How To Grow A YouTube Channel Fast

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1. Spend a lot of time on titles and thumbnails

No matter how good your video is, if no one clicks on it, it’s useless. People take two main things into account when deciding to click on a video from a channel they aren’t subscribed to:

  1. Title
  2. Thumbnail

Both need to be very compelling and make people want to click them.

Helpful resources:

  • Check out trending videos on YouTube for examples of good titles and thumbnails.
  • Use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer for a review of your titles.


2. Get to the point quickly for view time

The name of the game on YouTube these days is watch time. The longer people watch content on YouTube, the more money they make. To make a successful channel, you have to make YouTube money by increasing your channel’s watch time.

One way to do this is to get to the point quickly in your video. If you have a long introduction, people will leave before you even get to the good part.

Helpful resources:

  • Use YouTube Analytics for checking your watch time statistics.



3. Try longer videos for increasing total minutes watched

The percentage of you video that is watched on average does not matter to YouTube. What matters is how much total watch time your videos accumulate and Comments buy youtube views comments. So, to get more watch time, put more high-quality content in each video to make them longer.

The thing is, if you make videos longer by just repeating yourself or rambling, it won’t help. Give people a good reason to keep watching.



4. Do videos that are related to topics in your top 10 to build authority

Thanks to YouTube Analytics, we are able to see what videos perform best and which ones perform below average. A successful YouTube brand always studies the analytics and tries to build on what works best.

Figure out what your top 10 videos of the last month have in common and try to emulate that in future videos.



5. Upload videos more frequently

Buy youtube views comments likes, Not only does uploading videos more frequently improve traffic, it gives people a reason to keep coming back to YouTube to watch videos. If your subscribers like your content, they’ll keep coming back for more when you upload new stuff.

Remember, the point is to get people on YouTube and keep them there.

Helpful resources:

  • You’ll notice top channels like Pewdiepie publish new content daily to increase channel views.



6. Don’t send people anywhere but YouTube most of the time

Now, obviously a lot of YouTube channels don’t rely solely on ad monetization for revenue. This means they have to send people to affiliate links, blogs, sales pages, etc. to make money.

That’s fine some of the time, but don’t make your videos get in the habit of leading people off of YouTube. Your videos will stop being promoted if they lead people away.



7. Use a lot of the same meta information as videos that have taken off in new videos

If you have a popular video that really performed much better than expected, use a similar title, keyword phrase, description, tags, etc. to build on that momentum. This also works with popular videos from other channels.