Feng Shui teachings have gained in popularity in recent years in the West and for good reason! These teachings offer you a unique way of seeing and responding to your immediate environment in a profound, life changing way. Feng Shui also helps you assess problems within your immediate living spaces…things that are keeping you locked in place and preventing you from achieving your dreams and goals.

Most people are unaware that problems occurring in the most important areas of their lives…love life, income generation, career advancement, etc. can often be solved or greatly alleviated by making simple adjustments to the living spaces they inhabit the most, coupled with the right mindset. These spaces include your home, your office, your property, your garden and even your desktop!

Let’s discover Feng Shui meaning and define these two words in a profound but useful way. “Feng” means “wind” in English. Wind is an unseen force within our natural world. There is a fascinating analogy between the wind as we know it, as it exists in our physical world, and the “inner” winds of your spirit…those winds that comprise your innermost dreams and desires.

Feng Shui strives to bolster the moving Chi, the “winds of opportunity” that exist in your environment and turn them toward you. This is accomplished when you develop a Feng Shui mindset, when you arrive to a place where you’re finally setting your spirit free to ride upon the wind…where you are thinking and living Feng Shui principles and experiencing the blessings firsthand.

You create your own “winds of change” for the better as a result, because you are not only making outward changes to your immediate physical world, you are aligning your inner world through the power of your intention and visualization as you make these outward changes. Simply put, there’s more to this than rearranging the furniture!

The word “shui” in English means water but unlike wind, water is one of the Five primary elements used extensively in Feng Shui practice. As wind is representative of the intangible thought and dream world, water is representative of the physical world that surrounds you, including your immediate surroundings.

Feng and Shui Cannot Be Separated

Just as wind and water are joined in nature and unable to separate, so are we when it comes to our spirit selves and physical selves. As we live in our physical bodies, we cannot separate from our dreams and desires, nor would we want to!

Feng Shui recognizes this interconnectedness between the two realms and exists as a practical and effective way to bring balance and harmony to both…to simply and elegantly join both together. If there is a conflict or if something is out of place in your immediate surroundings, this imbalance or conflict can directly affect your inner balance and peace. It can keep you stuck and blocked, unable to progress the way you’d like to.

Whether you realize it or not, these blocks can keep you from getting the promotion you’ve worked hard to achieve, keep you from the joy of relationship…keep you stuck, unproductive and unhappy.

The Beauty of Feng Shui

The goal you seek with Feng Shui is to become more educated, conscious and proactive so that you can experience more joy and live your best life. It is a process that involves becoming crystal clear about what you truly want in life, and then taking the appropriate actions within your environment that support those dreams and goals which bring desired results and lasting changes.

This is the true meaning of Feng Shui wofs haircut may 2019; this is the exquisite beauty of Feng Shui because there are real solutions to be found in the practical application. It all begins with an open mind, and a willingness to come to a deeper understanding between yourself and the potential that awaits in your immediate environment.

The beauty is, you have choices…once you have the Feng Shui knowledge that will help you shift the energy flows of “wind and water” in your favor.