5 Tips To Meditate

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Defining what meditation is is complicated, because it is a very abstract concept that each person lives in a particular way but that has many benefits, is real wof.com.

For some it can mean religious or spiritual connotations, while for others it is an intellectual method to silence the internal bustle and achieve more creative or emotionally positive states.

Although there are more and more people who practice meditation, the truth is that in the West there are still many people who relate the word meditation with religious aspects, with gurus or sectarian practices, if you want to start practicing this, we advise you to follow our advice.

1. A good time to meditate is just getting up or before going to bed, although meditating is a practice that can be done at any time of the day.

2. Condition a room in your home, in the garden or in a space where you have a certain spaciousness and intimacy. Try to be a clean space, with few things, aired, that inspire calm and serenity.

3. You can meditate in any position, but the lotus position is the most indicated by the placement of the spine. If you find it uncomfortable or you cannot keep your back straight, you can help yourself with cushions or blankets.

4. Try to wear comfortable, light clothing that allows you to breathe freely, without oppression.

5. To notice the benefits of meditation requires a daily commitment, a routine, a discipline through which meditation becomes a priority.