Palm Reading For Fascinating Fun

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Many years ago, before the internet, before you could dial a psychic on the telephone, gosh, even before telephones, people learned the art of palmistry to look into the future. Palmistry is an ancient art which has been practiced for thousands of years on every corner of the earth. It is said that palm or hand reading originated in Greece during the time of Aristotle, but it is very likely that chiromancy (palm reading) was practiced as far back as human beings existed. Julius Cesar and Aristotle were know to be excellent palm readers, but the art of hand reading was practiced not only in Rome and Greece. The oldest known book mentioning palmistry is Eadwine Psalter, or the Canterbury Psalter. It was written approximately 1160 in Canterbury by a monk who lived there named Eadwine. By following the lines, arches, mounds stars and many other parts of your hand and palms you can read and even predict your own future, and that of your friends.

When you first look at a palm.reading, whether your own or someone else’s, your focus will be on the four major lines of the hand: the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line (though not everybody has one). First you will want to read the heart line. Is it long and curvy? Then the person holds nothing back and is very free in expressing their feelings and emotions. Does the line begin below the middle finger? Watch out, that person is selfish when it comes to love. And what if the heart line is broken? Emotional trauma. Does the heart line touch the life line? If so, it means the person’s heart is broken easily. How about if their heart line is short and straight? Well, you’ve found someone who has less interest in romance. Is there a circle on the line? A circle on it represents sadness or depression.

And what if you see smaller lines crossing through or across the heart line? Those indicate that the person has gone through a lot of emotional trauma. But if it begins below the index finger, well, all’s well in the love department and that person is content with his or her love life. You can get much more information on the person’s life by next going through all the hands on the palm, just as we did with the heart line. Enjoy this fascinating form of fortune telling called palm reading! Palm reading was considered a sacred art in India as can be revealed in an interesting book recently republished called Indian Palmistry.