If the physical possession of the precious yellow metal may seem archaic in the digital age, it is nonetheless an investment to consider when building a diversified financial portfolio. You can thus devote up to 5% of your assets and equity holdings to it.

Here are 4 reasons that will allow you to secure your wealth through an investment in gold ira companies reviews.

1 – Gold is the ultimate safe haven

Are you worried about the consequences of a stock market crash or currency devaluation? An investment in gold allows you to protect part of your wealth from the consequences of a depreciation of your financial assets.

In the event of a significant drop in stock or currency prices, economic agents tend to postpone their investments on financial products that they consider to be crisis proof. Gold is the most convincing symbol of safe havens that soar when other asset classes tumble.

By devoting part of your portfolio to gold, you are investing in a counter-cyclical asset that will allow you to moderate the total amount of your losses in the event of an economic crisis.

2 – A liquid investment at your fingertips

One of the characteristics of physical gold is that it can be easily stored and transported. You may decide to keep a few coins or ingots at home in order to protect yourself from economic disasters, as you may opt for secure physical storage in reputable financial centers.

The yellow metal is also a global means of payment. Very liquid, it can be easily resold in all corners of the planet.

3 – A precious metal that does not denature

Stainless in air and water, gold is considered noble by its chemical inertness. These physical characteristics allow the precious yellow metal to pass through time unaltered. They also ensure that you can hold your Napoleons or ingots for the long term without seeing part of their value evaporate in the atmosphere or dissolve in a liquid.

4 – Taxation of gold

The purchase of gold is not subject to VAT and your savings placed in the yellow metal do not fall within the framework of the assets subject to the Tax on Real Estate Fortune (IFI).

This purchase tax refund has a corollary when reselling your precious metal. If the fixed tax is 11.5% on the gross amount of the sale, it is possible to opt for the common law regime for capital gains on the sale of movable property provided for by article 150 UA of the CGI. This plan allows you to benefit from a reduction of 5% per year of detention from the third year. Particularly interesting when investing for the long term, it offers full exemption after 22 years.