Interact with the right followers

The next step is that you start commenting on the pictures of others. As a result, you build a relationship with other people, and they will follow you sooner. Of course, it may also be that you often have to comment on a particular person until it perceives you – but in the end, it pays off.

This will give you a new buy instagram followers and maybe even someone who actively follows you. Another important thing is that you REALLY respond to comments or likes under your pictures. As a result, you reestablish a relationship with your Instagram subscribers, which in turn leads them to stop by and like your pictures.

The advantage of this is:

Whose followers see which pictures this person likes and then look past you. And so you can get more followers on Instagram.

It’s not for nothing that Instagram is a social network. Behind every profile, behind every heart, behind every comment is a person (or a bot 😀).

Many easily fall into the mindset that the Internet is impersonal. Think … What if you do it differently? When you personally contact your followers? What would that do for your company or profile? You would build a deep connection.

Like other pictures

One of the easiest ways to get more followers on Instagram is to catch on like pictures. This will make other users aware of you, and result in a certain proportion of those users following you. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. You can find photos anywhere on Instagram:

  • Search in the most popular photos
  • search photos of people, places or things that interest you
  • search for relevant tags -also things that interest you (for example, if you want to see pictures of Berlin, then enter #berlin)
  • search for popular tags like #love, #nice #instagood, #like4likeT

You will always find photos that you like.

Like these and then just wait. Either you also get a like on one of your photos or someone will follow you on Instagram. It used to be that I liked 500-1000 photos a day on Instagram.

Now I recommend a lot less, because Instagram many bots pay attention to how many Likes are delivered.

So it’s better to make fewer likes – especially at the beginning – to buy real instagram followers. Also, it does not make sense as a new account if you like so many posts from others. For me, I currently give a maximum of 300 likes per day – rather less.

Okay, maybe you think that’s a bit of a lot to get Instagram followers. Do it as a challenge.

That means you do it for 30 days and then look at how many Instagram followers you could win. It’s best to do this at a certain time of the day – for example in the evening. Then you take 30-60 minutes to like other photos. Soon you will notice how you get more Instagram followers.