Succeeding at sports means training hard, eating right, and using the right sports nutrition supplements. The supplements that you use will depend upon the sport that you play, your specific needs, and what your goals are in that sport Magnesium kopen. When deciding what supplements to take the first step should be to plan out what your goals are. Once you have done this you can decide how to most wisely spend your money. There are, however, three crucial things to consider; protein & carbohydrates, hydrating drinks, and joint support.

Protein bars and protein powder are a great choice for any athlete, since they help to promote muscle growth and strength. All sports require physical skills which need stronger and more powerful muscles, and being able to build and maintain them in a healthy manner is a great advantage. Muscles are made from protein, and athletes need to eat high quality protein that is also easy to digest, in order to build, repair, and rebuild the muscle cells which have been torn down during exercise.

It is not necessary to consume large amounts of protein in order to increase muscle mass, but it is important to consume the right type of protein. What many people do not know is that carbohydrates are just as important in building and maintaining good muscle tone and health. The optimal combination of protein and carbohydrates insures that the anabolic state is stimulated, and this in turn promotes the growth and energy recovery of the individual muscle cells after any type of workout. According to the dictionary, “Anabolic is characterized by or promoting constructive metabolism.” Anabolic Steroids, which have been so widely abused, do promote the anabolic state, thus building muscles, but the notorious side effects and long term health detriment is definitely not worth the short term “benefits.”

The role of carbohydrates in promoting muscle growth and health in extremely important. It is the carbohydrates which supply the energy to the muscle cells, and most Sports Nutrition experts say that carbohydrates should make up 50% or more of the calories ingested by any athlete both during an event and after that event.

Knowing these facts about protein and carbohydrates, finding the best sports nutrition supplements should be a bit easier. Just be sure there are no artificial sweeteners or flavors in the product, and no added preservatives, which defeat the purpose of good nutrition supplement for the athlete.

Dehydration is dangerous for any human, but especially so for the athlete. It is the #1 cause of the decrease in performance of trained athletes, not only through fatigue, but also a generally poor performance, no matter what the sports discipline. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to strive to have the most optimal levels of hydration possible. It is important not only during exercise, but before and after as well. The recommendation is to drink small amounts of liquid well before the event or the practice, as well as often during the exercise. Cool liquids are recommended, but definitely not cold or iced ones, since that is a shock to the intestines, and the body had to work too hard to add warmth to the cold liquid.

It is recommended that there be a good balance of electrolytes in the sports drink. Electrolytes are minerals which are responsible for controlling the balance of fluids in the body, the blood volume and temperature, as well as the heart rate. Electrolytes are the balancing mechanism between thirst and the need for fluids. If you are feeling thirsty, you are already compromising your bodies optimal hydration, and it is therefore recommended that you drink plenty of liquids to prevent thirst from occurring in the first place.

One last sports nutrition supplement to take into consideration is one to help with joint injury and pain. Because sports tend to put extra stress on all joints, finding a good joint supplement is critical. Anyone with a history of knee, ankle, elbow, or shoulder issues should strongly consider a joint supplement, but also the healthy athlete in order to prevent any future joint problems.

In today’s extremely competitive world of sports, where fractions of a second can mean a gold medal or being far out of the running, one must not depend just upon the physical skills of the athlete. Knowledge of sports nutrition supplements, and how to choose the best ones, becomes a necessity.

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