Now that you found the puppy that you are going to live with for the rest of his or her life you need to decide on what type of puppy obedience training you are going to use. Are you going to attend classes with your puppy? Do you want to just find a few simple tips that will help you learn how to teach your pup successfully? You will need to do some sort of training for your puppy because it will eventually grow into a full size dog and it will be hard to handle Houston dog behaviorist. You can send your puppy to a professional dog trainer and then get a dog that is well-behaved back, but then you’ll miss out on all the fun memories that you could have shared. Puppy obedience training is something that you can do with your new pup in your back yard from day one.

There is a right way and a wrong way to train your puppy, just like everything else in life. The right way starts out with you having a positive attitude before you even put the leash on your puppy. If you are in a foul mood your dog will be able to sense that, and will create a stressful environment for you both. You want to make sure that you are training in an area where there are no other distractions. The neighborhood park is probably not the best choice due to the fact that there could be small children running around and other dogs might be out as well. Your back yard is the best place to work with your dog. In all actuality, training doesn’t even have to take place outside, but it can be done in your living room.

Before you teach the sitting command or staying command you need to have the puppy’s attention. You can accomplish this step by holding a treat in your hand. You will have to let your puppy sniff the treat and then you continue to hold it so the puppy will watch you. If you don’t have any treats in your home you can also try using your puppy’s favorite toy, or even a piece of dog food might work. The important thing is that your dog keeps their eyes on you at all times. They need to learn that you are the one that makes the instructions and they must follow them.

Most people think that it is necessary to scold their puppy when they don’t do what they ask of them. During puppy obedience training you will learn that you shouldn’t scold your puppy when he doesn’t sit when you ask him. Your puppy is most likely confused and doesn’t know what you’re asking of him. You will need to show your pet what you want them to do and then reward them when they follow through with it. To help eliminate confusion you should use one word commands. If you want your puppy to sit down you should simply say it’s name and “sit”. Saying their name before any command will make them know that you’re actually talking to them. After you have their attention you can give the command. Make sure to reward your puppy when they do what you ask. Dogs are animals that like to please their masters, so show your puppy love when you’re pleased.

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