To summarize, a video production company in NYC is perfect for core strategy videos, storytelling expertise, comprehensive coverage, and improving your bottom line. Videographers are suited for the lower upfront cost, limited resources and can handle less complicated projects with ease.

You will find some highly talented videographers who can perform every activity, Top Questions to Determine If You Require a Videographer or a Video Production Agency Articles and also there are video production companies of all sizes, shapes, and services. Suppose your company wants to get into video marketing and begin with something that is not too grand and also not simple. Maybe it is an explainer or testimonial video and not much commitment upfront Event video production. You are in the crossroads and thinking whether to call your best friend who is a videographer or consult a video production company in NYC. When it is about marketing video content, there is a place for both. However, how do you know whom to hire? Let us get started.

What is the current status of your company?

Is your business an established one? Are you mid-sized company or bootstrap startup or a fortune 500? If you are a startup, you need to look for the cheapest option to get the most for your buck with the videos that can help you grow to the next stage. If you are mid-level or established, consult with a production agency to discuss all your options. Now, for a large business, an in-house team is essential for handling the small-footprint, spontaneous content. But, at the same time, bring specialists for complex productions, storytelling expertise, or big awareness campaigns.

The complexity of the project

Find out the number of people required to make your project a reality. Does the team have to travel, or are there several deliverables? For example, you want to film a 3-minute video of the director of the company sitting at his desk and speaking directly to the camera. The video is exported and with little editing, uploaded on video streaming platforms. Let’s say it is a PR video to announce something. You have a person on camera, a camera operator, little storytelling expertise and one marketing director. In this case, you require a videographer.

Let’s make the project complex. The director is filming his part of a more extensive video that includes the vice-president to be interviewed at another location plus another interview at a client’s location. Then the video has to be edited into a 2-minute testimonial that needs to be engaging and edited in a narrative format. Moreover, few graphics work with interstitials, speaker identifiers and music is required to nail the tone. In this case, a video production company in NYC has all the resources for getting creative and making your dollar last.

Value of your time

Do you want to oversee significant initiatives for your sales department and focusing on essential tasks or interested to involve in video production? When hiring videographers, you need to take responsibility. Clients sometimes handle much of the producing as possible for saving money and time where they need to handle casting, coordinating, scheduling, scripting, locations, research, interviewing, and others. On the other hand, production companies who have tons of experience handle everything for you, make life easy, less stressful, and efficiently handle all the logistics.

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