If your dog is turning your garden into a lunar landscape with craters, try not to despair because it only corresponds to your natural behavior. The first step you should do is try to identify the reason why your dog has this behavior Dog trainer spring Texas. Dogs may dig because of a predatory instinct or to bury bones or toys. It is an instinctive behavior designed to hide food from other predators.

Digging can also be part of a nesting instinct, especially if your dog is pregnant. They may also dig a hole if it is too hot because digging exposes cold soil and creates a small shelter in the shade. If your dog digs under the fence or near a gate, he may simply be trying to get out of the yard. Some dogs dig to alleviate boredom or simply to have fun. Others may have a genetic predisposition to dig, such as terriers. What can you do? Once you’ve determined why you’re digging, correcting it becomes easier.

All you need is a little perseverance and patience. If your dog digs to chase animals, you need to find some way to keep them separated, possibly building a screen or obstacle so that he can’t see other animals – after all, if he can’t see them, he won’t be tempted to chase them.

If wildlife is in your same enclosure, there’s a good chance you won’t be fast enough to catch them – squirrels and birds are usually too fast for the average dog. Rats and mice will usually leave your dog behind as well. Be careful if you use poison to fight animals like these as it could also affect your dog.

Wasting energy

If it seems like your dog is simply trying to burn off pent-up energy, you should try providing more exercise. He takes longer or more frequent walks and try to schedule some “play time” such as bringing things to him, this will tire your dog out. Don’t punish your dog for digging a hole until you catch him in the act. Even if you take your dog to the digging site he won’t be able to associate it with the punishment.

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