There are many ways to care for your sports clothing. These care are designed to prolong the life of your garments. Although some of the tips are on the manufacturer’s label, there are other ways to protect it women’s clothing boutique.

Both the dancers and the actors take careful care of their costumes. They are garments that are used at very specific times. The same goes for your sportswear, so you should give it the careful care it deserves.

In this article we will give you some basic care so that your sports clothing lasts a long time.

  1. Store it in a well-ventilated place

Both before and after use, your sports clothing should remain well ventilated . This is because humidity can affect elastic fabrics, so you should make sure that it is dry when stored.

If you decide not to wash it immediately, it is important that you leave it in a space where it can ventilate. This way you will prevent any odor from permeating and accompanying you during your exercise routines.

  1. Avoid excessive heat

Heat causes the elastic fibers of your sports clothing to deteriorate. It is best to avoid excessive heat. This can be during exercise, when putting away your clothes, when washing them or when drying them.

It is very important that you avoid washing them with hot water at all costs. In the case of natural fibers such as cotton, this can also affect its composition. The dryer is also an enemy when it comes to taking care of your sports clothes.

  1. Take care of your clothes using neutral soaps and avoid fabric softener

The best way to care for your clothes is to use neutral soaps that do not alter the balance of the fibers. It is also important that you avoid the use of fabric softeners and rinses, as they can affect elasticity.

  1. Avoid overstretching it

Whether during use, when taking off the clothes or during washing, it is best to avoid stretching the clothes.

With this you will be able to keep the elasticity intact and thus your clothes will last longer. Therefore, it is best to use a delicate wash cycle or simply hand wash.

  1. Take care of your sports clothes by hand washing, air drying

Ideally, you should wash your sportswear items by hand to avoid unnecessary wear. The washing machine can be a little rough , so treat them like delicate items.

Air drying is essential, but you should avoid leaving them exposed to the sun. If you can, hang them outdoors but in the shade. This way you can guarantee that your clothes will last much longer with you.


Taking care of your sports clothing will help you make your investment much longer lasting. You can also guarantee your comfort during exercises. Avoid heat, stretching or exposing it to fabric softeners.

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