NHL 2010 advertises the most in-depth hockey experience in gaming history. The online trailers and television commercials sport unbelievable graphics, sounds, and gameplay. Frankly, just watching them gave me chills and had me ready to suit up for my beloved New York Rangers. Did the game deliver on the hype? My answer is yes, and then some.

To start, the graphics in this game are amazing. The ice surface is stunning and the player animations are as fluid as it gets. The colors are bold and bright and make you feel like you’re right on the ice. My only complaint is the player faces, which are inconsistent to say the least. Your household names are definitely recognizable, but everyone else looks fairly generic.

The NHL 2010 controls are phenomenal. The highlight of the control scheme is the ability to control your players hockey stick with the right analogue stick. This system feels natural from the time you pick it up and does not disappoint in consistency. Scoring goals is so much more satisfying when you toe drag through 3 defenders and bury the puck under the crossbar. With the new control system you actually feel like you’re in complete command of your player.

My favorite element of the game is the online play, specifically the team play. In this mode, you can control a single position on the ice, while up to 11 other players control the others. This mode allows you to get online with your buddies and simulate a pick-up game. Each player is responsible for playing their position correctly, including fore-checking, back checking, and staying on-side. This online mode is a refreshing change of pace from the usual 1 on 1 style of hockey. No matter which mode you play online, the frame rates are great and finding a game is never a problem.

Overall, I have never played a better sports game than NHL 2010. The hits, goals, and saves are as satisfying as it gets. Add in a deep online experience and you have yourself an absolute winner. This game is a must-have for any hockey or sports game fan.

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