Erotic ebooks have been around for years and have worked their way into the book collections of millions of readers. Read this article to learn about the history of erotic ebooks.

The history of erotic books is an interesting one that has its roots in serious literature.Modern day Romance Novels or romance could not exist without the erotic verses, The History of Erotic Books Articles poems, odes, and memoirs of earlier periods Seattle Dominatrix.

At the same time, modern romantic literature almost did not exist, due to controversies involving the penning of any subject that could be considered erotic. These books have come a long way and the authors of them were often accused of various crimes, including those of indecency .Erotic Verses and Poems In earlier periods, beginning in ancient Rome and Greece, many well known writers began by writing erotic verses, such as Sappho of Lesbos, Ovid, and Marcus Argentarius. Erotic writing gained a bit more acceptance among the common people during the Renaissance, thanks in part to writers like Shakespeare, whose Sonnets, The Rape of Lucrece, and others were praised for their raw sensuality.

Erotic eBooks and verses continued in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, with writers such as John Wilmot and Charles Sackville, though Wilmot was perhaps the most notorious erotic writer.D.H.Lawrence, Ezra Pound, and Gavin Ewart continued the trend of erotic verses. Erotic Fiction and Novels Erotic books and works of fiction have been around nearly as long as erotic verse, going back to ancient times and medieval times. Several Italian writers, such as Giovanni Boccaccio, wrote stories filled with what was then considered lechery; one of his books, the Decameron, was promptly banned. Even so-called great writers penned erotic writings, including Samuel Pepys, whose famous diaries contain many lurid confessions, Oscar Wilde, and Jeffery Chaucer, whose Canterbury Tales get quite lewd in certain places.

The Marquis de Sade may be one of the most well-known erotic writers, and his lurid tales date back to the 18th century. Contemporary Erotic Writing Romance Books and erotic books in contemporary times are given more freedom than they have ever had before. It was not until the late 19th and early 20th centuries that writers were granted the freedom to tackle nearly any erotic topic, although still had to fight to have their works read, such as Vladimir Nabokov and his sexually charged work, Lolita. Now, even books marketed as mere romance novels can contain heavily charged erotic subject manner without worrying about censure.

The internet has further brought erotic writing to the foreground, and has turned it into an industry in and of itself. Erotic Writing on the Internet The advent of the internet created a new place for erotic books, and has brought new audiences to the writing. Many have said that nothing is sacred on the internet and this is particularly true of erotic writing, which is in no way censored online.

In addition to bookstores available on the internet that specialize in erotic novels and other writings, there are independent and individual sites tailor made and adapted to every possible subject within the realm of erotic.

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